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Park & Castle
Indoor + Outdoor Château / Parc St Roch Cultural and leisure centre (Conservatory of Music, Academy of Fine Arts and Youth Centre) The château is a large limestone building dating from the 2nd half of the 19th century. Its architectural style is neoclassical. The two rooms bordering the vast entrance hall are beautiful rectangular rooms with an arcade at the back leading to a loggia lit by large windows. There are two car parks (a main one and a smaller one). Several rooms are available in the château Renovations to the main car park are due to start in 2024 (watch this space).

Farm and stud
Large Scottish cattle farm in the middle of the fens and stud farm with about twenty horses. Possibility of accommodation for groups. Filming possible according to the conditions of the place (availability, calm and few modifications of the spaces)

Stone house
This ashlar house is located along the old Charleroi-Brussels canal, on the site of a former marble quarry. A barn adjoins the house, a beautiful garden surrounds it and nature has reclaimed its rightful place in the remains of the quarry. Fossilised shells can still be seen in the stone. It's calm, peaceful and quiet. The house has been carefully renovated: clay rendered walls, masonry heater, original blue stone floor. All the elements are present and sublimated. A romantic place along the water, soft with greenery and raw with minerals.

Manor house dating from 1912
Château converted into a gîte (17 rooms) with a magnificent view. We welcome film shoots subject to availability (mid-week privileges).

House and outbuildings dating from 1895
Large house in perfect condition dating from 1895 and outbuildings, with several horse boxes, a beautiful paved courtyard and a terrace overlooking a large garden. Quiet environment. Very suitable for filming.

Fully-equipped dance studios
Ten hyper-equipped halls of varying sizes are dedicated to classical dance, covering an area of 10,000 m². The building, dating from 1968, has been completely restored, retaining most of its marble floors, walls and staircases, as well as its walnut or mahogany panelling and doors. The dance halls, cloakrooms, toilets, restaurant, kitchens, relaxation areas, meeting rooms, classrooms and corridors can be used for the purposes of a film, subject to availability and the rental conditions required by the venue's management.

Villa de 400m² style "mi casa", proche de Bruxelles
Villa of 400m² Mi casa style, located in a residential area, 20km from Brussels. Large volumes, continuous circulation, many possibilities, very luminous. At the back of the villa is a beautiful garden of about 8ares with a nice shed at the back.

Entrepots-hangars-ateliers partagés
flc 4-4-2023 OK
Entrepots et hangars d'une ancienne usine, espaces collectifs, espaces privés artistes et artisants. Changements fréquents de l'organisation des lieux.

Old factory loft
flc 4-4-2023 OK
Ancienne usine transformée en loft, finition à terminer.

Villa deco in the 70th
Four-sided House, built in 1963, located in Seraing in a residential area. The decoration of the house is typical of the 70s and 80s: the tapestries, the furniture, the bathroom, the kitchen. The house has a large living/dining room, kitchen and scullery, 4 bedrooms, a small bathroom, attics, large cellars and a garden. A driveway runs alongside the house on the left (with a possibility to park 2-3 cars).

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